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The TFB-F7 Production Buffer

The TFB-F7 Production Server

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The TFB-F7 Production Server & the TFB-F7 Production Buffer, are windows based applications that reside on a desktop PC away from the spacer frame benders, that TFB has developed to work with the F7 Spacer Bender System.

The TFB-F7 Production Server, is a multi-purpose tool for a frame production manager to use in scheduling and verifying production status.

The TFB-F7 Production Buffer, has a wide rage of functions working in conjunction with the TFB-F7 Production Server. It allows viewing, editing and storage for the ASCII text production downloads for the TFB-F7.  It also works with F5 & F6 download formats from 3rd party software applications, plus coma delimited formats.

So now you can receive export files from data base & spread sheet applications with export ability in a comma delimited format.

The Production Buffer is also functional as a stand alone production generator. 

This simplifies generating new production files away from the bender.

If you are currently inputting all your records at the TFB Bender Screen, or are still using a RS-232 download portal to get your production data to your TFB Bender, then you should add your TFB Bender to your System Network!

TFB now has Upgrades and Utilities to get your TFB Bender Networked!

To make your Bender Network compatible, Inquire Today!  


The TFB-F7 Production Buffer and Server Manual


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